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About us

We were founded in June 1995. Our business items include the design and manufacture of EMI, SMT shrapnel, mobile phone, computer electronic accessories, hardware and electrical switches, precision continuous die, etc. The above required stamping parts are based on the finished product drawings provided by the customer, from sample trial production, finished product drawing to mold design, mold production, and trial molds until they are put into production, quality inspection, packaging, warehousing, and shipment. Wait for the usual homework. In 2016, it entered the automotive electronic components supply chain and obtained IATF 16949 certification. The scope includes EMI, fasteners, buckles, nuts, pipe clamps, etc., and nowadays, in a safe and secure working environment, high-quality products are manufactured. To meet the needs of customers and achieve our quality policy:

"Excellent products are the life of an enterprise; customer satisfaction is the honor of all employees"

Company Profile

  • Capital of NT$15 million (updated in July 2009)

  • The head office is located at Huacheng Road, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City.

  • The factory covers an area of ​​more than 250 square meters; the construction area is about 700 square meters.

  • The main business items are the design and manufacture of EMI, SMT precision shrapnel, mobile phone, computer electronic accessories, Antenna, hardware and electrical switches, precision continuous die-etc.

  • Car electronic parts conductive shrapnel, EMI Clip Contact Spring grounding terminal ( Grounding), etc.

  • Automotive fasteners-pipe clamps, buckle clamps, shrapnel nuts, Nut guide posts

  • 3C communication equipment includes automotive communication equipment parts, high conductivity, high yield strength, is the best option for 5G

  • Automotive digital instrument panels, head-up displays and other stamping parts

  • ​From stamping to surface plating Au/Ni/Sn 100% made in Taiwan

Have a number of patents to endorse your products

In recent years, with the joint efforts of everyone, the company has grown significantly, but in order to more effectively invest in this common market, the company has developed better products in the direction of continuous automation to achieve the goal of efficiency improvement and customer satisfaction. Spend additional funds to purchase a number of precision CNC computer spring machines, as well as a number of optical calibration equipment, and have more than ten years of senior technical personnel and consultants in the industry, uphold the serious, responsible, strict quality control level delivery prompt and timely service for you, customers Satisfaction is well-known.

The main purpose of our patent application is not only to ensure our sustainable operation, but also to protect the rights of our stakeholders and the trust of our customers.

ISO 9001:2015


IATF 16949:2016


ISO 14001:2015

CERT ISO14001 2015 20250407 E_edited_edi
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