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We design molds for you, professional technology and quality system are your only best choice

EMC/EMS/EMI Contact Spring Clip Finger Grounding Professional manufacturer with excellent quality and service, paying attention to environmental protection and social responsibility, and reaching a sustainable business benchmark enterprise

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SMT EMI Contact Finger

■ A full series of various sizes of EMI / ESD clip shrapnel.
■ Suitable for copper alloys such as beryllium copper, titanium copper and SUS.

■ Suitable for OEM and ODM.
■ Mechanical characteristics of high conductivity and high yield strength.

■ More than 1000 Contact Spring Clip
■ Decades of field experience, provide you with professional advice.

■ Applicable to all electronic devices including consumer electronics and communication equipment, computer rooms, base stations, industrial computers, automatic control devices, automobiles, airplanes, yachts, aerospace and other electronic equipment.

  • IPQC Data upload to cloud or server

  • Reduce manpower and monitor abnormalities in real time

  • Facilitate statistical analysis of the quality history of parts

  • ​Suitable for IQC, FQC and Sorting processes

  • Reduce human error

  • Effectiveness and relevance of MSA

  • Flexible measurement parameter setting

  • ​Real-time query control chart

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Automotive components
  • Vehicle EMI electronic equipment, such as 5G communication, safety sensor, automatic driving device, etc.

  • Vehicle -mounted fasteners; such as pipe clips, buckle clips, shrapnel nuts, clips, etc.

  • Car switch conductive shrapnel, contact shrapnel

  • Car LED lights, embedded fastening shrapnel, clip

  • Car power plug shrapnel

  • car accessories wiper kit

  • Car action recorder universal joint metal ring

  • Vehicle motor grounding shrapnel

  • ​Car Head-Up Display,Dashboard EMI Contact Spring

  • Car airbag contact shrapnel

  • Car tire pressure detector spring and shrapnel

  • Product cleanliness process

  • Cleanroom equipment meets customer expectations

Corporate social responsibility
  • We are committed to SMT EMI and fasteners in the automotive and information consumer goods markets to enhance customer value and provide comprehensive customer service and stable quality professional technology.

  • Actively innovate our products and services; and pay attention to the protection of the earth's biodiversity environment, and the establishment of a safe, healthy and non-discriminatory environment for facilities and equipment.

  • Abide by labor laws and safeguard the universal values ​​of human rights, and establish friendly and trustworthy relationships with stakeholders, so that the company can sustainably develop and grow.

  • Pay attention to the greenhouse effect; such as reducing CO2 emissions

  • ​Reduction of hazardous substances is prohibited; ROHS, REACH

  • ​Abide by the commitment to ban conflict minerals

  • Extortion and bribery are strictly prohibited

  • Compliance with money laundering prevention and control laws

  • ​Compliance with the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism,CTPAT

What is EMC?

EMC is Electromagnetic Compatibility , which means that it does not produce electromagnetic interference to other equipment. Even if it is subjected to electromagnetic interference from other equipment, it still maintains the original performance, so it has both EMI ( electromagnetic interference elimination capability ) and EMS ( electromagnetic interference prevention capability ) These two properties


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